Stress Control and development of Self Consciousness

This device arose with the briefing to find a way to relax people especially while working. By connecting the bracelet via Bluetooth with the users mobile phone/computer s/he is able to look up his/her stress level in realtime. Furthermore the user can set a certain maximum level to get messages making the wearer aware of his/her amount of stress. In addition to the message, the device has a vibration alarm when the stress reaches a defined level. The level itself can be also read on the LEDs hidden inside of the bracelet and visible through the translucent material.


With the bracelet the user gets a library filled with various relaxation techniques categorized in active and passive. The active relaxation techniques involves movements, inviting the user to use its body. On the other hand , for the passive relaxation, the user can use several techniques like meditation, breathing techniques and mind experiments that can be easily practice at the work place.

iphone-4-closeup Kopieiphone-4-closeup Kopie