Kraftplex Racer Akkuschrauberrennen

The drillracer was a result of an international racing contest. The assignment was to built a vehicle for one person, the bridge from the front axle to the rear axle had to built by the new material kraftplex. With these requirements we contructed a foldable vehicle frame highly resilient and comfortably shaped for racing.  The materials itself occurs as sheets, also called wood sheets because its made out of 100% Cellulose. The characteristics of kraftplex are between cardboard and metal sheets which enables a various use for exhibition design, packaging and many others.


The left brakehandle was for the backbrake the right one was connected with a conrod which exert pressure on the electric drills trigger. By layering the kraftplex sheet we created a location surface which fitted the electric drill and enabled us to fix in the right position. Our personal requirement was to replace every other material with kraftplex if possible which lead to a lot of material studys of the behaviour of the material.

Team: Romina Biermann, Sonja Chow, Nevin Wolf, Pablo Lapettina, Julian Weller